The Breed

Type: Compact, well balanced riding type with good depth and substance and good heart room, standing on short legs, covering a lot of ground. Good temperament, hardiness, staying power, intelligence, soundness, surefootedness, with jumping ability.

Height: 128cms to 148cms inclusive.

Colour: Grey, Black, Bay, Brown, Dun (also known as Buckskin), Palomino, Dark-Eyed Cream, Blue eyed cream with occasional Roans and Chestnuts.

Head: Well-balanced head of medium length with good width between large kindly eyes. Pony ears, well-defined cheekbone, jaw relatively deep but not coarse.

Front: Head well set onto neck. Crest should not be over-developed. Neck not set on too low. Good length of rein. Well-defined withers, good sloping shoulders.

Body: Body should be deep, with strong back, some length permissible, but should be well ribbed up with strong loins.

Limbs: Good length and strength in forearm, well-defined knees and short cannon with flat bone measuring 18cms to 21cms. Elbows should be free. Pasterns of medium length, feet well shaped, of medium size, hard and level.

Hind: Strong muscular with some length, well developed second thigh (gaskin) and strong low set hocks.

Movement: Free easy and true, without undue knee action, but active and covering the ground.