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The 34th CPSNZ Inc. AGM
The 34th CPSNZ AGM
will be held at 10.30 am on Sunday 29th July 2018
Where – Procope Café, Private Boardroom, 165 Victoria St, Christchurch

Dear Membership,
It is the Committee’s pleasure to bring to you our 34th CPSNZ AGM in Christchurch
Please find below information for our impending AGM, regrettable due to health reasons I have not been able to send out sooner.

We look forward to seeing all those that are able to attend, the café is a lovely spot! We are allowing time prior to commencement of the meeting for those that would like to order hot drinks and a muffin or the likes which will be on a tab provided by the CPSNZ, just let them know when placing your order.
With an informal get together over lunch and a natter in the café setting following the meeting.

On to business…..

Request for the Nomination of Candidates for Election of President and Committee Members.

Six of the present seven Committee have fulfilled their 2yr nomination – Nominations and position information is outlined below:

– The Connemara Pony Society of New Zealand (Inc.) calls for nominations for President, to hold office for 2 years.

– The Connemara Pony Society of New Zealand (Inc.) calls for nominations for up to five (5) members for the Committee, each member to hold office for 2 years.

Please use nomination form attached.

Nominations should be signed by -The person being nominated to the committee (nominee), the person nominating the nominee (nominator), and the seconder.

All must be current full members of the CPSNZ Inc.

In addition, Nominees shall have been full members of the Society for at least the 12 months immediately prior to the Date of the Nomination.

Nominations should be with the Secretary on or before the 29th June 2018.

Nomination forms can be returned to the Secretary at the address below or simply email to

Once all nominations have been received by the Secretary on or prior to the 29th June 2018 it will be determined if an election is required. Should an election be required, the secretary will request a brief statement from the Candidates to be sent out to the membership with the voting papers. These statements will need to be in the hands of the Secretary by 5pm on the 1st July 2018.

The position of Secretary will be available, as will the Newsletter editor should anyone be keen, please register your interest in either of these roles.

Requests for items of General Business and Notices of Motions to be proposed at the AGM.

Any person desiring to submit an item of General Business or a Notice of Motion to be proposed at the AGM shall please give notice thereof to the Secretary on or before the 29th of June. These can be returned to the Secretary at the address below or by email to

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact myself and I will do my best to help!

Gloriann Mullen
Secretary CPSNZ
121 Irwell Rakaia Rd
Ph: 021637505